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Sparing for real time, dynamic, application.

To understand martial arts and combat is to have a grasp of what's sparring entails. Here is a brief explanation so all of our Ronin members can become familiar and comfortable. If sparring is something you would like to do in the future to apply/understand your techniques in 'real' movement. Check it out and happy training!!

WHAT IS SPARRING? In its meaning and to understand the simplistic approach, sparring is not fighting. Sparring is cooperative training, learning to move in a dynamic format and in reciprocal play, learning to process ‘real time’ movements, attacks, set-ups and establish defenses/counters. Sparring is a game with focused intentions, yet playful. It is about playing seriously and applying all techniques you’ve learned and can deploy in elevated movements. It allows you to test what works and what doesn’t work for you. Sparring is ‘organized chaos’. It is the only exercise where you can fully improvise, yet ‘slowing down’ all of your senses to accept and respond to the chaos, working on several focused aspects of the ‘basics’. The benefit of sparing is the unpredictability. At times, you won’t know what may happen and what your partner is going to do. Most of the time you don’t even know the skill-set/skill levels of who you may be sparring with. As a martial artist, one must adapt, overcome and accept that sparring is an important component to a continuing education, a continuing evolution, and never-ending progress. Learn to spar with everybody, from beginners to world champions. If your partner is a beginner, let him/her into the ‘game’, let him/her work their skillsets, and develop their confidence. That confidence is not in fighting but that confidence is in the execution and mastery of their very own movements. If he is moving a lot, block him. If he is putting pressure on you, move. If he is better than you, develop your defensive game and get the best out of yourself by achieving composure, leveling anxiety and overcoming fear with resolution. If you are better than your partner, develop your offensive game and help them to get better.

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